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The Taco Bueno is the Mexican style U.S based fast food chain restaurant. Bill Waugh was the founder who opened the first restaurant in Abilene, Texas in the year 1967. He was a graduate in arts from the University of Abilene Christian. The Farmers Branch Texas was made the headquarters of the restaurant. The CEO of the company was John Miller. Later other locations of the restaurant were opened in Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Kansas, Texas and New Mexico. As per the 2008 contract the company opened about one hundred and sixty nine restaurants.

The Unigate, the British manufacturer acquired the restaurant in the year 1981. CKE restaurants a franchisor of Carl Jr. in the year 1996 bought the company. In the year 2001 the chain was purchased by Jacobson Partners a group of private investment. The company procured equity partners of Palladium in 2005. The total revenue earned by Taco Bueno was $65.1 million. The company kept on expanding the business day by day. The company had more than 121000 staffs working under them. These staffs put their effort to provide the best services to the people. When the customer placed order in the restaurant they provide a quick service with the orders.

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They provide food that are delicious and liked by everyone. Any hungry person can get their stomach full and get satisfied in this restaurant and will always want to visit this restaurant again. Their food always has a different taste for the customer. As their service is quick so you do not have to wait for your order. The presentation style of the restaurant is similar to the Mexican restaurants. They are concerned about their customer’s hygiene and diet that is the reason they provide fresh and original food to the customer. They provide food that are of low calories so you do not have to worry about your health. Give your family a lovely surprise by taking them to the restaurant in the weekends. The services of the restaurant always please the customer when they visit.

The Taco Bueno products were Platters, Burritos, Tacos and Muchacos. Their products always go through a test before they are sold in the restaurant. They do this because they are also concerned about the health of the customer with their business. There were some additional items that were added to the list in some locations. They were Chicken, Taquitos, Strawberry smoothies, Cinnamon muchaco and Bean tacos. It is not necessary that the customer can only have vegetarian burritos they can even order for beef and chicken burritos as well. You can avail the Taco Bueno coupons to get the offers that are available in the restaurant. This is great way one can save money.


You can also get the Taco Bueno printable coupons from advertisement in the local circulars, and local newspaper given by the company. When you redeem them in the restaurant at the time of purchase you will get a good discount. These come with an expiry date and the discount stays for a limited time. So you need to follow the instructions carefully so that you do not miss the opportunity of getting discounts. Any one will love to get discounts on their purchase and especially on the food items. The restaurant provides free coupons to the customer. These are best way to have delicious food and save money. So you must get yourself these coupons and get all the benefits provided by the restaurants. You can signup to their club called Buenohead online.

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